Courses (UOIT)

CHEM 4410U - Chemistry Thesis Project I

CHEM 4420U - Chemistry Thesis Project II

CHEM 3530U - Instrumental Analytical Chemistry I (Lecturer)

This course deals with instrumental methods of trace chemical analysis. The main objective is to understand the scope and use of instruments in chemical analyses and learn the theory of operation for a range of instruments. Instrumental analysis involves three major methods (Spectroscopic, Chromatographic and Electroanalytical). This course will focus on spectroscopic and chromatographic techniques with additional methods being taught in the second component of the course (CHEM 3540).

CHEM 3040U - Fundamentals of Physical Chemistry (Lecturer)

Thermodynamics concepts including solution thermodynamics, phase equilibria, and electrochemistry; transport phenomena, the random walk problem and diffusion; introduction to statistical mechanics including probability distributions and entropy, fluctuations, the Boltzmann distribution, and partition functions and their relation to thermodynamic functions.

CHEM 2040U - Thermodynamics and Kinetics (Lecturer)

Classical thermodynamics: first and second laws, Gibbs and Helmholtz functions, chemical potential; phase diagrams, applications to phase equilibrium in one, two, and many component systems, Gibbs phase rule; phase diagrams for steels and other alloys; behaviour of real gases; steam tables. Chemical kinetics: gas phase kinetics; Arrhenius rates; enzyme kinetics.

CHEM 4010U - Industrial Chemistry (Lecturer)

An introduction to the principles and practices of industrial chemistry with a survey of the chemical industry (inorganic and organic chemistry), safety, environmental, intellectual property and patents, etc. Selected industrial processes will be discussed in class. One of the objectives of this course is to provide the students with an opportunity to meet people with a background in the chemical industry.  

We are very thankful to the following companies for helping us to make this course a successful experience:  

  1. CAMECO (2015)

  2. Mersen Canada (2015

  3. Digital Specialty Chemicals (2015, 2011, 2009)

  4. SGS Canada - Minerals Services (2011, 2009)

  5. Axalta Coatings (2014)

  6. DuPont Canada (2011)

  7. Molson Coors Canada (2011)

  8. XEROX Canada (2011)

  9. AKER Solutions (2009)

  10. Eli Lilly Canada (2009)

  11. Purdue Pharma (2009)

  12. Patheon Canada (2009)

  13. Alphora Research Inc (2014, 2009)  

CHEM 1800U - Chemistry for Engineers (Lecturer)

Introduction to the four sub-disciplines of modern chemistry: analytical, inorganic, organic and physical. Atoms, molecules, stoichiometry and gas laws; reactions, chemical kinetics, thermochemistry, entropy and free energy; electronic structure of atoms, bonding and molecular structure with emphasis on organic molecules; intermolecular forces, liquids and solids; electrochemistry, fuel cells and electrolytic cells.